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Παλιά 22-08-06, 19:45
Το avatar του χρήστη konalkar
konalkar Ο χρήστης konalkar δεν είναι συνδεδεμένος

Τελευταία φορά Online: 05-03-10 18:22
Φύλο: Άντρας
Η διαθεσή μου τώρα:
Man Blames Dell Laptop for House Fire

A Florida man has leaped onto the Dell laptop explosion bandwagon by claiming his house was burnt to a crisp because a Dell laptop ignited his couch on fire. At about 5 a.m. Louis Minnear awoke to the smell of an electrical fire, after quickly surveying his house and finding nothing, he went back to bed. Forty-five minutes later he was awoken again, except this time to his couch on fire.

The story gets a little odder. Minnear quickly led his family out of the house and began making trips in an out saving what valuables he could before the flame got too big. Conveniently two of the family members—Minnear's oldest sons—were staying with other family at the time of the fire. The fire marshal ahs been called in for an investigation to find the true cause of the fire, but Minnear insists it was the Dell laptop that he conveniently knew was left on the couch sitting on papers.

The most notable belongings lost was a collection of 843 DVDs, according to the family. Holy damn, who knows exactly how many DVDs you own, especially if it is over 800. Something seems a little fishy about this story. These exploding Dell laptop batteries are becoming the new McDonalds hot coffee. – Travis Hudson

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Παλιά 23-08-06, 00:15
Το avatar του χρήστη Xenios
Xenios Ο χρήστης Xenios δεν είναι συνδεδεμένος

Τελευταία φορά Online: 12-11-16 10:12
Φύλο: Άντρας
Αρχική Δημοσίευση από konalkar
A Florida man has leaped onto the Dell laptop explosion bandwagon by claiming his house was burnt to a crisp because a Dell laptop ignited his couch on fire.
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